An initiative that launched October, 2021 with the sole aim of mentoring and training bright minds to become creative problem solves with real life projects and opportunity to collaborate.


Best Knowledge that works

Open space is a ground that welcomes all and sundry irrespective of age, knowledge or skill level. It was a dream birthed out of passion, inspiration and initiative to give bright minds the exact knowledge that is needed for them to thrive and excel in the design world.

Many designers have gone through many phases of training and yet, still ignorant of the fundamentals, actual principles, and best practices that makes a design work stand out, this is the actual pain point that birthed this initiative. Ensuring that all principles are taught and students or mentees are guided in accordance to design trend and secrets that makes them a great designer.

Open space is not just a design school, but a community of designers who come together to share insights, mentor, and explore opportunities in the industry.

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Lizzy Dahunsi

I am very keen on leaving positive impacts on people. Aside impacts on work, impact on people around me and especially other people striving to get into this career path.

I started an initiative called “Learn Design Academy” that is focused on helping brights mind grow creatively.

This initiative took it’s full course in October 2021 to help few people who are trrying to find their feet in the UIUX world or the design world as a whole.

It started with 5 participants and grew to have impacted about 70 people to understanding what design is and how to best approach it in the space of 6 months.

The “learn design Academy” hub currently has about 10 mentees whom are under the umbrella working to get better and are finding themselves opportunities to grow, whilst organising trainings in different aspect of design for beginners and whosoever that cares to top up their knowledge.

We offer Value
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At my Open space, Learning plan is flexible. Students are taught one on one
by the tutor with a 2 months mentorship guarantee to help you
become stronger worth your skills